Want to know more about what we can do for you?


of our precious, private collection stuff, from farm tables, upholstered settees and sofas, steamer trunks, tabletop decor. We have a little something of everything.


from idea, to custom designed details, to set-up of all aesthetic details on the day of your wedding, we can handle it all.

Stock & Delivery

some brides-to-be love to buy stuff on line and get advantage of promo. You can ship to us – we will stock for you and deliver throughout Italy once ready for the wedding – after the party everything will be returned you back at your home.


Custom search

if you have your heart set on something in particular but it’s not currently part of our collection, feel free to contact us for a custom search. There is nothing we love more than traveling around to markets, antique fairs and estate sales on the hunt for a fabulous new vintage piece!


when you’re planning an event you have lots of details in your mind and sometimes need someone’s help to place all them in due order for the perfect corner. Take advantage of our expertise and contact us and ask for a consultancy fee.